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Box #????

Leave letters and packages for Isaac.
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Originally in Trunk
1. Clothing
2. Sol Blade
3. Psynergy Stone
4. Psynergy Stone
5. Water of Life
6. Sun Saga collection


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Name: Isaac
Collar: Violet
Room: 2-18

Date of Arrival: 10/11/13
Deaths: 0

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Player Information

Name: Alison
Personal Journal: N/A
Age: 22
Contact Info: PMs to this journal
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Information

Character Name: Isaac
Character Series: Golden Sun (Dark Dawn specifically)
Character Age: 47, but he looks like he is in his late teens/early twenties.
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: After Matthew leaves for his journey in Dark Dawn
Background Link: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Personality: In the past Isaac was described as a man of few words but strong convictions. While the part about how wordy he is may not be strictly true anymore (he certainly does talk), his strength of conviction has never wavered. He is a man who truly wants to do what is best for the world even if the world does not understand what that entails. Garet says that normally he is an open book, but that lately he has been harder and harder to read, and that is because Isaac has come to realize that it isn't always as simple as wearing his heart on his sleeve and aggressively doing "the right thing." His brother-in-law, Felix, taught him that by undertaking a perilous journey to save all of Weyard and being misunderstood as a villain because of it... and perhaps he feels he needs the reminder, and that is why he never bothers to correct, and even propagates, some of the rumors that Felix was a villain.

Isaac has become someone who makes plans. He usually has some greater purpose in mind when he sets to doing anything, even if it doesn't appear so at first. And he is not the type to change his plans simply because someone doesn't understand. He will forge ahead and commit to what he is doing because he knows he has thought it out well enough for it to work. In the past he accepted what others said at face value and took actions on their behalf, but now he knows it isn't always that simple. He does trust the Wise One, because ultimately the Wise One had them do what they did for the greater good, but he never quite forgot the feeling of being "tricked" when he realized that Felix was trying to save the world and if he stopped him from lighting the lighthouses, he would be dooming it. Since Ivan isn't really around now though, he takes everything someone else says with a grain of salt until he can ascertain their intentions. He trusts the Wise One implicitly because everything did work out in the end, though, and worries over what the fate of Weyard may be without the Wise One to guide them.

He does not like to leave people in danger where he can help it. Though he knew Matthew and Karis would be safe in the Tanglewood with them, even he was a little uneasy about leading them in there after dark. This protectiveness is something he has had since he was young, back when he journeyed to rescue Jenna and Kraden, and even when he tried to help Jenna during the storm of Vale. It is unlikely that he will ever stop being protective of other people, particularly if they look younger than him or are weaker than him. He believes it is an Adept's duty not to stay hidden away, but to use their powers for the good of those who cannot protect themselves.

In some ways he can be rather bullheaded. Once he makes up his mind he is not easily swayed. Rather, he is not swayed at all. Even when an action seems cold or cruel (sending teenagers out to chase down a Mountain Roc, for example) he will not change his mind for anything. He has done his best to do right by Weyard and wants others around him to do the same. Sometimes he holds them to unrealistic standards, because not everyone is as capable as he and his friends were at their age, but he fully believes that the next generation has both the strength of will and the capability to do the right thing. As such, he does know when to step back and let someone else take the reigns... but he does keep a close eye on things, ready to step in should they need him. An Adept's work is never done.
Abilities: His combat Psynergy from his days while adventuring is that of a Squire. He is also shown to have developed his powers past what we see in Golden Sun and The Lost Age; he can sense things through the ground and plants from many miles away, has control over plants (usually, he could only use Growth with a Mars Djinn equipped, but that has changed), and is said to possess a much greater control over the earth than he ever did before. The Wise One also infused him with some of the power of the Mars Star, to keep Alex from succeeding, so he possesses immensely powerful Psynergy.

Because he sent Flint to accompany Matthew, Isaac only has five Djinn left over from his quest: Sap ("Attack a foe and steal HP"), Ground ("Use gravity to hold a foe"), Granite ("Create a mighty earthen barrier"), Quartz ("Revive a downed ally"), and Salt ("Restore allies' status to normal"). He can perform the Venus, Ramses, Cybele, and Judgment summon sequences.
Sample Entry: Dear_mun post


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